The Five-Stage Process for Managing Reputation

Managing an online reputation encompasses five specific stages, which include:

Reputation Analysis
Web Property Development
Content Creation
Content Promotion

During your campaign, we consistently revisit the last three stages to solidify our advancements and guarantee sustained success. Discover more about each phase below.

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NetReputation Reputation Analysis

Reputation Analysis

Each online reputation management campaign begins with thorough research. In this initial phase, we pinpoint your key keywords, identify all positive and negative mentions of your name or brand, and assess any current and prospective challenges to your reputation.

Content and search result removal

We examine every lawful method to eliminate content and links from the internet. This includes investigating all possible avenues for the removal of undesirable articles, images, videos, social media posts, Google search results, and more. When necessary, we integrate removal efforts with protective and suppression strategies for enduring effectiveness. Our removal techniques can involve DMCA takedowns, YouTube video deletion, NoIndex removals, erasing search results from Google, among other approaches.

Reputation analysis

Our sophisticated diagnostic tool for online reputation management pinpoints the leading search results for each query, categorizing them for further analysis and scoring. We utilize this data as a benchmark for initial results and later as a metric to measure success.

Gap analysis

In the case of businesses, we perform a SERP (Search Engine Results Page) gap analysis to highlight the critical disparities between your search outcomes and those of your competitors, with an emphasis on website domains that rank prominently in Google searches. This analysis is instrumental in pinpointing potential risks to your brand and uncovering opportunities to enhance your reputation.

Influencer & hashtag research

Our efforts in reputation analysis extend to researching social influencers and hashtags, aiming to identify key influencers and trends vital to your strategy for managing online reputation. This research is particularly leveraged during the Promotion phase of your campaign.
This extensive research phase lays the groundwork for the entirety of your reputation management campaign.

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Web Property Development

After completing the analysis, we proceed to identify and establish various online platforms under your influence, such as websites, business directory entries, social media profiles, blogs, and other web assets you own. We then create the necessary properties to address any gaps.

A professional website
Social media profiles
Wikipedia pages
Charity websites
Image sharing profiles
Video profiles
Business directory listings

With the establishment of these new assets, we develop a network of domains you own and a tailored content distribution platform. This system enables us to efficiently and smoothly upload content for each web reputation property. The platform is designed for ease of use, facilitating quick management of multiple profiles, content updates, and publishing posts across the internet.
Moreover, we undertake the refinement and optimization of any existing online assets under your control. This includes enhancing all websites, profiles, and pages you currently own to maximize their impact on Google search results.

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NetReputation Web Property Development
NetReputation Content Creation

Content Creation

Content creation might be the most labor-intensive part of the Online Reputation Management (ORM) process, yet it's crucially important. Producing high-quality content is the cornerstone of any effective reputation management strategy. This new content can be published on web properties under your control, as well as on third-party websites.
The development of optimized content involves:

Content ideation

After gaining a comprehensive understanding of your brand, we generate content ideas designed to resonate with and engage your target audience. To achieve this, we construct an “Audience Persona,” which helps in identifying your target demographic and pinpointing the kinds of content that are most effective in encouraging interaction.

Content development

We create initial content frameworks and topics that highlight your brand and showcase your expertise. Upon receiving your approval and input, we craft high-quality, web-optimized articles, press releases, biographies, and guest posts to sculpt your online narrative.
Following this, we pair each approved article and biography with an ideally suited publishing platform, set up a consistent content posting schedule, and reassess current assets for potential enhancements. Additionally, we devise a strategic social media promotion schedule to amplify the reach and engagement of your content.

Our SEO content experts assist you in creating a diverse range of content types, such as:
Executive bios
Social media posts
Blogs & articles
Press releases
Thought leadership articles (long-form articles & reports)

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We tailor a content publishing strategy to maintain the momentum of your reputation management campaign. This plan orchestrates the release of content across various channels, ranging from posts on your own websites and blogs to articles on third-party sites and distribution through prominent news aggregators.

To achieve this, we employ a mix of manual and automated publishing systems. This approach not only guarantees timely deployment of your content as per schedule but also allows for the publication of trending and relevant content as needed.

Our publishing scope encompasses virtually every type of content, including but not limited to blog posts, guest articles, press releases, tweets, Facebook updates, industry-specific articles, images, slideshows, and more.

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NetReputation Web Property Development
NetReputation Content Promotion

Content Promotion

A successful content promotion strategy is vital for disseminating information and achieving success in internet reputation management. Our approach to content promotion incorporates three fundamental and critical elements of online promotion:

Owned promotion

Leveraging both new and existing resources such as email lists and SEO, we engage with readers of personal blogs and websites to boost interaction and enhance the assets already under your management.

Earned promotion

We harness the influence of social media to naturally stimulate feedback, shares, comments, and links to the content we create. This involves both direct engagement strategies and crafting content that naturally encourages interaction and audience growth.

Paid promotion

A well-executed paid promotion strategy can yield remarkable returns on investment. Effective techniques in paid promotion encompass paid discovery through various tools, securing guest posts on relevant, high-traffic blogs and websites, utilizing paid search strategies, and sponsoring content on popular news and entertainment platforms.

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